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The Mattson 2

The Island of Cheese


The Mattson 2

The Identical twin’s deep telepathic kinship navigates colorful forms of beautiful weirdness and exotic landscapes of layered improvisation, transcending the concept of modern musical performance. The duo shimmers and shakes with the soaring modern wizardry of Jared Mattson’s untamed, layered guitars and Jonathan’s tribal jazz hard-bop drumming. Latest release, “Mattson 2 Plays A Love Supreme,” (Spiritual Pajamas, 2018) shines a light into a hallway of mirrors to cast eternal reflections directly back onto the ideas and purpose of Coltrane himself, whilst challenging the very boundaries of jazz and modern pop.

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Live from the Casa Bah
San Diego 

Instagram Promotion

March, 26, 2020

"Laundry "

Music: Naima’s Dream 
by The Mattson2

"Motel "

Music: Man from Anamnesis 
by The Mattson2

"Surf Girl"

Music: Vaults of Eternity: Japan 
by The Mattson2

"Balcony "

Music: The Mingle 
by The Mattson2

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