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A love letter to cultural identity. The film follows the "life" of papaya and takes a glimpse at a family beyond the Southeast Asian diaspora. A young mother's unspoken trauma is triggered, but also comforted by.

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It's 1993, a young mother and her son enjoy an afternoon together as she makes papaya salad, but unbeknownst to her son similar sounds trigger her to the past.


He embraces her as any child would. We are taken through the ornaments of war and a world taken from collaterals of war.

We're brought to her post-war trauma revealed in her own home. Her son, knowingly, takes her out of this trauma and brings her to the present world.


She reflects on her journey from coming to America, having her son, to spending time educating her son with both cultures. This memory is reflected in the son,

now a father, as he carries forth the same sentiments. Their lives and story continue as we find similar communities affected by the war come together and they, themselves, invite others to come to join.

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